Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Foundation Review Day 7

Lack of Direction, Overwhelmed. Lack of Motivation.... New Day, Forget about Yesterday

I know I said that I would be writing everyday, if not, every second day, which is why I'm more excited to share this post with you.. because I am human and so are you.

Having gone through some of the foundation material, I realised that many members in the foundation, including myself, were looking at this whole SaaS (Software as a Solution) Concept as some sort of a race. I HATE racing, but tugged along like everyone else. I got overwhelmed and if I'm honest hugely demotivated. I even openly posted about this in the facebook group us Foundation members are a part of. Here is what I wrote:

"I need some advice.. a lil off topic but somewhat related at the same time. I have an issue that I have only started to really understand through listening to the mp3's and videos. All my life I have been good, if not great at certain things, like judo for example. All Ireland champion at one stage... then for no reason I decided to quit.. I was a great rugby player.. Quit that too. I was a National Sales manager for a multinational company... quit that to start my own business, which did okay but could have done much much better.... Now I feel a lack of motivation to do this. I feel like I have developed quitting and lack of motivation tenancies and It is killing me as I am energetic and really really want to do this. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this. I do not want to quit this and need to change my internal belief system... Its something i really struggle with."
I am tired of getting to that point, to the tipping point and then quitting. It even happens to stupid stuff at home. Case in point... Only today I had some dishes and cutlery in the sink that needed to be washed. I washed them and left 3 forks unwashed. WTF... It takes 2 seconds to do it, but the I left it.

This Stops Now!! 

I wanted to understand what was making me not want to finish and below you will see what I have come up with.
  • I did not want to be successful enough. 
  • I did not want to complete the task presented to me enough
  • I did not want it enough.
  • I did not want to separate myself from the crowd.
  • I was scared of success. 
I heard a great quote today from a motivational speaker today, a guy called Eric Thomas.. Check him out on Youtube, he is Awesome. Anyway the quote is this..

"When you get to the point where you want to be succesful as bad as you want to breathe you will be successful"

I am tired of defeat, aren't you, tired of not finishing something...

P.U.S.H............ Push Until Something Happens. 

My success is not just determined by what I say, It must be something I live. That means completely changing the way I do everything.

Most people talk talk talk about the things that happen in their life, stuff that happens to them not something that they control. I want to be in control and this blog post is all about reaffirming that belief system for me and you.

I get overwhlmed because I always look at the big picture. I look at the goal and not the journey. If you are like me, then today is the last day that you are ever going to do that and we will help each other out to change this belief system

1. Write down your end goal.
But Clark, you just said that you shouldn't look at the bigger picture. Yes, but in order to live the journey, you must see the goal. Go ahead, write it down somewhere you can see it every day.
2. If you are like me, and are disorganised, write down in baby steps, literally like you would do for a child, what you should do for each hour of just that day. You see if you do not do this, you will not understand the process involved in reaching your goal and in turn you will not understand the daily journey.
3. Tick off each little goal that you achieve that day and you will feel motivated and empowered.
4. Rinse and repeat.

When I think about all the procrastination I have done over the last year I get so angry with myself, but you know what I am now understanding to embrace that. Why? Because it the the yesterday me. I do not have the power to change the yesterday me, only the tomorrow me.

The tomorrow me, is a person who will do ANYTHING to succeed. The tomorrow me, will laugh at the yesterday me, the me who held back.

How bad do you want it, how motivated do you feel right now?

I would love to hear from you if you felt the same way and if this helped you in any way.




  1. Thanks Clark! It's important to get this stuff out. I agonized all day yesterday about why I wasn't taking action, why I felt paralyzed, why I was nervous, why I felt like I couldn't do it.

    It's very common it seems. I'm just trying to learn to ride out these days and do something no matter how small each day that I can build on. They key is to keep moving. Don't let one tough day be a setback. Find even the tiniest thing you can do to keep and build some momentum.

  2. Hi William,
    Thank you for your comment, you were brilliant in Braveheart btw hehe. Yeah I know exactly what you mean about feeling paralyzed and taking the small steps daily. I hope you keep up with the blog as I have some cool stuff coming up soon.

  3. Why did you stop posting? I just found Dane and The Foundation a few days, and have been lapping up every scrap of info I can. Now I find you, your last post and wonder what happened?

  4. Hey Clark.. I'm with The Dad above.. not really but just super curious.

    This morning I found The Foundation. It's 20 November so I'm completely behind the fucking curve as with most things in my life. It is all VERY pertinent to me at the moment because after 9 months of being self employed and trying out 3 different businesses/website concepts I have failed and am back on the job hunt..

    Then... I come across The Foundation (literally this morning) and after watching the vids it all feels like it is clicking into place.

    What happened bro? 7 posts.... and then you stop?