Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Foundation Review Day 4



I wanted to really talk about this topic today and share what I think about hustling.

What I mean by hustling really is more about action taking than anything else. As I am writing this, I am listening to fascinating interviews between Dane Maxwell and previous Foundation Students and I am hearing a common theme between them all, and I am taking notes.

The one thing that each student has in common is something I like to call, the hustle. They work their asses off to make sure that they have changed their limiting beliefs and have mastered the art of listening, and then have worked their asses off taking action.

It was Sam Ovens (not originally haha) who said "Its better to have a rubbish plan but to take action, than a perfect plan with zero action". You can get all your ducks in a row, have the perfect notepad with colour coded pages, have the perfect colour coded Excel spreadsheet and even have the perfect tie on that morning, but if you do not pick up that phone, send that email, then your tie or colour coded pages mean Nothing.

Everybody has some degree of nervousness when it comes to taking action, and the thought of doing it is what can really hurt you. The idea that a business owner may laugh at you, hang up on you or ........... Oh wait, that is really all that they can do right. I have done many many many many cold calls in the past for a company I worked for, and you know what, a lot of business owners in the end were THANKING me for calling them.

I want to do a little exercise with you right now, and if you are easily offended please do not read on.... this is for the ones who are not afraid.


That is THE WORST thing that the business owner can (BUT NEVER WILL) say to you. How fearful are you now. I am very serious about this... No business owner will EVER say that to you.

Our thoughts can stop us from being action takers and go getters and will try everything to stop you from doing what you truly need to do, and if you think about it, its a little crazy.

Here is the way that I try and look about each day that I wake up ready to make some phone calls or take some action and some questions I ask myself to stop limiting beliefs...

  • What is the Best thing that can happen from me calling xyz
  • I am 29 years old and want to make something of myself, I need to go OUTSIDE of my comfort zone to make things happen. They say nothing changes if nothing changes, so I try and change myself a little each day for the better. 
  • How would my life improve by the action that I take today ( write it down )
By its very essence, hustling will very much challenge your limiting beliefs on a daily basis, and only you have the power to overcome them, however by taking that first step, by making that first phone call, sending that first email or making that presentation You have taken more action than 99.999% of this world and you will feel amazingly empowered by doing so. 

Until Later



  1. Hey Clark. Im with you! Glad you started a blog as well! I enjoy reading it!
    But I definitely got a few crazy responses that I listed in a post on my blog but it's those few responses that help you reflect on why you are doing this and lets you see if you are strong enough to continue! Keep pushing brother!

  2. Hey Pascal, appreciate the comment man. Wow, would love to see those responses, I can honestly say I have never had really anything crazy happen in my cold calling days, other than not now, or a hang up here and there haha. I think this blog helps keep me more focused and accountable as I am getting more and more views and this puts even more pressure on me to succeed. Looking forward to the journey with you and everyone else bro. Take Care