Friday, 12 October 2012

The Foundation Review Day 5


 What I have Done Today

As you already know, I am, along with hundreds others, including many of my blog readers,  beginning an awesome journey into the unknown, to build a Profitable Software Business in 6 months or less through a program called The Foundation. Those who have joined, like Barney Stinson, thought, "Challenge Accepted" when we saw Dane Maxwells first video about the foundation. Even though it does not officially begin until Monday 15th October, there are people already who, having seen the videos for the launch page for the foundation, have taken SERIOUS action and are the ones who will succeed.

Having a blueprint to success is amazing and I wish this program was available 5 years ago, but taking action is the Number 1 thing that you can do to ensure success.

So the question remains, what exactly have I done today. Where to start??

So I got into serious mode today, and I have been seeing little miracles happen all day. I have picked 2 niches so far that I think have the following attributes.

  1. They are turning over between 500,000 - 1 Million per Year
  2. Have 10 employees or under
  3. Have software solutions in place currently
  4. They are easily accessible.
For those of you who are not part of the foundation, there are 4 things that I am excited about with regards to software businesses:

  1. No Accounts receivable
  2. Monthly revenue continually with little or no input
  3. Automated Sales
  4. Selling Tools instead of digging for gold 
These are all the things that lead to one thing, and its a commodity that you can't buy or sell and for you, there is a limited amount of it. Time. Having the gift of time is what motivates me ahead of everything else, above money, above creating a business, in fact the business is just the mode of transport that takes me to more freedom and more time to do whatever the hell I want.

So getting back to what I did today, Lets talk about measurable metrics as opposed to vanity metrics.

I have contacted a list of 200 car dealerships in Ireland and have focused on asking the 2 questions that Dane had suggested in his videos

1. What is the most important task you do on a daily basis?
2. Is there any pain associated with that task?

Now, if I am going to be honest and transparent I should actually tell you that this is my second email to some car dealers. About 2 weeks ago I sent a mail, to different dealers that went like this

"Attn Dealership Owner,
I am doing some research on the car industry trying to improve the lives of those within it and was hoping you could kindly answer the following 2 questions.

Before That please let me share with you the reason behind the question. I know that there are many many sites that you have to place cars online to sell them nowadays, for obvious reasons. However there is no one solution to let you post to all of these sites in one place. This means your teams are spending less time on the ground selling and more time behind desks posting pictures.

So now the questions...

Question 1: If I were to be able to offer a solution giving you an opportunity to post your cars to All these sites in one place, would you be willing to pay for that solution?

Question 2: Are there any other features that would make your life easier with the software?

 The software has not been built yet as I am testing the market to see its reaction before I spend a cent creating it.
Thanks for responding to this and if you have any further questions please contact me on 085 xxxxxxx

Clark Hetherington"

Needless to say, I got some responses, one was this....
"Hi Clark

Thanks for your email.  I'm quite happy to upload my photos and script separately per website, as it means I can cater each car to its website's target audience, so am not looking for any solutions as such to this, but I do appreciate what you are intending to do, so best of luck with it.

I suggest you target bigger dealers with above 50 used cars in stock.

Regards "

I also got one like this
"As a dealer. I WOULD BE GREATLY interested in this software. It would reduce the time spent in the office up loading adds..

Regards Don"

Little did I know, that software like this already existed in Ireland, however, I also discovered from talking to a dealer that some of the sites did not allow the software to be used on them, so it is become more and more defunct.

So now I have moved on from my terrible pre-conceived email, and back to basics as I stated above.
I spoke to one influential dealer who gave me his pain and said he,  and others would pay €500 per month to have that pain taken away via software. I nearly fell off my chair, so in order to validate it, I sent the mail above with the 2 questions and am waiting to see who says what and what exciting things they will tell me.

So that  is it for this week. I look forward to seeing the results on Monday and will let you all know how it goes.



  1. Wow. that's terrific. You are really getting a great start. Thanks for posting your daily progress. It's really inspiring.

  2. Thanks Sharon, it is my first ever blog so is a bit of a learning curve. I am glad you are inspired, it is inspiring to me that you write that. Take Care, Clark

  3. Thanks for the information. I'll be following your posts